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Great competition to select the best Iranians barista champion for participating and experience their first World Championships in America-2015

After years of practicing to complete the Iranian baristas desire for recognition by the international community coffee events and getting the license of participating in World Championships, finally and with god’s help, Iranian Barista Guild won the WCE’s membership and this event is a wining card for coffee culture in Iran and this event couldn’t be possible without Iranian baristas faith and coffee lovers activities and efforts.

The benefits of supporting Iranian national barista team

Naturally having a sense of nationalism and fanaticism to our country is the biggest reason for supporting the national teams under any tile like: football, wrestling, barista, taekwondo and so on.

The second major reason for supporters or it’s better to say sponsors are advertising. It should be mentioned that the sponsorship of the national team of a country is far greater and more significant than advertising level of a particular city or region. It’s an international event that is beyond the bounds of a country and this is promising news for the sponsors of Iranian national team. The following are a list of the reasons:

  • extensive reflects on internaland external
  • Seen by domestic and international news agenciesandmanylocalnewspapers,magazines, professionaljournals, specialized publications andpublishedphotos andvideosin manyreputablesites and
  • Publishing and inserting the sponsors’ brands in specialized publications and specialized events and publishing their posters and banners. Drawing special photography walls for news and interviews. Inserting the brands logo on Iranian’s representative apron and dress at the world’s championship. Inserting the brand’s logo as a sponsor on national and international websites.
  • a unique opportunityto introducebrandstothe coffeeindustry, strictly technicalassessmentofproductsandservices, Shining incompetitivelocal, regionalandinternational markets.
  • The possibility of being seen by the largest and mostimportanteventin the worldof coffeeand barista.
  • Ability to consult with an expert cadre specially with Ms. Laila Ghambari America’s 2014 champion and IBG’s special coach.
  • Introduced andseeninall organization’s conferences, meetings andEventsduring thecontract period.


Targets and programs of settlement:

3:00 PM

Mr. Ali Ghambari’s ( the owners of cherry street’s café in Seattle) greeting with the board of members
3:20 PM Introducing the Iranian Barista Guild and discuss strategies to improve the status of the coffee industry in the Iran and middle east
3:45 PM The necessity to form associations and their role in advancing the targets and collective goals and demands of professions and related industries
4:30 PM Reporting the organization board performance in recent years and reviewing the event and various aspects of it
5:00 PM Reviews of Iran’s capacity in worlds championships. a comprehensive study of the Iran’s presence and its impact on introducing the coffee culture and coffee trade
5:30 PM Benefits of supporting Iran’s national team
6:00 PM Catering and serving a variety of coffee by the organizations selected baristas and the champion of various fields of the recent years


Address: Sam Cafe, Sam Center, Vali-e-Asr St. , Tehran ,Iran

Start in 17 Nov 2014, 15:00 pm

more info: or (+98) 21 22346379

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