During the past few years, a number of Iranian Barista’s consistent with the new wave coffee industry began to research and update their own information in relation of coffee. With gathering information, collecting databases, attending at global and passing an international courses tried to adapt their selves with the world’s standards, they currently more than 100 people.
After meeting Ali Ghambari (the owner of Cherry Street Coffee House chain in America) and his daughter, Leila Ghambari the Member of the Executive Committee of America’s coffee association, with their cooperation and sympathy, our goal and path became more serious and with their guidance, help and support, we decided to build the Iranian Barista Guild. We are completely an independent group with non-political attitudes, our goal is to introduce and internationalize Iranian baristas in an international arenas.
We believe that we do have taken a big step for honoring and priding our homeland. Our goal is to promote and educate the coffee culture among enthusiastic people, to introduce Iranian baristas to the whole world and participating in international championships.
We have a lot of potential and talented baristas that they can glory in many fields just with a little help and support. We believe and trust our abilities and we try to reach our goals to be able to step forward for ourselves and the next generations.

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