Iranian Barista Guild consists of professional and specialized baristas in crafting (brewing) coffee.

Association’s Name:

Iranian professional barista organization

Association’s Headquarters:

Tehran, the capital of Iran


Organizing and building an organization for amateur and professional baristas and coffee lovers


To increase and enhance coffee quality and quantity, improve baristas’ knowledge, introduce the coffee drinking culture and attend the World Championships.


1 – First article about Iranian Barista in Barista Magzine jun-july 2013

2 – Organizing and running the first Iranian Barista open competition at coffex 2013 festival . Tehran Iran Oct 2013

3 – Secend article about Iranian Barista Open Competition in Barista Magzine jan 2014

4 – organizing and running the first Iranian lette Art open Competition Feb 2014 Tehran IRAN

5- Members of IBG succed in FBC ( fidilo Barista Competition ) April2014 Tehran IRAN

6- Members of IBG Succeed in coffeex 2014 Barista Competition Oct 2014 Tehran IRAN

.Syllabus and Programs:

  1. Promoting and advertising (improving the culture) quality coffee with standards and focusing and insisting on accomplishing this mission.
  2. Improving the level of barista awareness and knowledge in fields like the history and origins of the art of preparing and brewing coffee.
  3. Organizing coffee and barista seminars and conferences to encourage and improve the coffee culture in Iran and introducing baristas to society to raise community awareness of the role of baristas to build esteem for those who are engaged in this business.
  4. Paying attention to baristas and their representative needs and requests in the coffee community.


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